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• 6th largest clothing producer;

• 6th textile producer;

• US$ 33 billions in textile chain production during 2006;

• US$ 11 billions invested in machinery and technology during the last decade;

• US$ 662,9 millions invested in machinery and technology during 1990/2006;

• 2,081 millions exported during 2006;

• 383 spinning mills; 593 weaving mills; 2421 knitting; 723 finishing; 21.898 apparel companies; 

Data: IEMI and Abit/2006


78 year of responsibility and modernity


The REVISTA TÊXTIL is a bimonthly publication of the R. DA SILVA HAYDU & CIA. LTDA, has 78 years presence in the national and international textile sector. To be in the pages of the most complete and traditional vehicle of communication of the textile sector is to show its mark for the biggest companies of Brazil and the world.


The 78 years of the REVISTA TÊXTIL it is the base to select the directions of the team that is always on to the facts most excellent for the textile industry. The sharpened journalistic sense makes to perceive the movements of the textile chain and the subjects that surround it.

We cover the events most important of the textile sector in Brazil and the International as ITMA, Shanghaitex, CITME, ITM, IKME, IMB, ITMEX, Febratex, Maquintex, Seritex, Tecnotextil Brazil, among others. We anticipate and we confirm the information for our reader on each event. 

We publish pertinent subjects to all textile chain as raw materials, wiring (staple fibres and wires), weavings (plain and rectilinear), (finishing, improvement, would print) and Nanotecnology.

Recently we launched the notebook of Fashion & Technology to show the necessary synergy between the industry and show window. All the new features on sewing and accessories (merchandises dispatched, automation, cad-cam, and serigrafic) also are dealt with in the notebook showing the effect on the.


• Official agency of the ABIT - Brazilian Association of the Textile Industry and Confection - with distribution for all the associates; Official agency of the Sinditêxtil - Union of the Textiles Industries of the State of São Paulo; ITMF - International federacy of Textiles Manufactures; ABTT - Brazilian association of Têxteis Technician; SENAI/CETIQT - Technological of the Chemical Industry and Textile center; Door Voice of the ABINT - Brazilian Association of the Industries of Not fabrics and fabrics Technician;



• Most complete Mailing of textiles industries

• Distribution in the important sector of national and international events, businessmen sector’s, engineers, textile technicians who work with weaving, spinning, printing, finishing, knitting, processing, garments, libraries, textile schools, universities, textile associations and governmental authorities and etc. 

80% Brazil (38% Sector’s Manufactures, 28% Subscriptions, 19% Fairs and Events and 15% Public Institutions), 18,81% Latin America and 1,19% Others.


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São Paulo - SP - CEP 01230-001 Phone: 55 (11) 3661-5500 Fax: 55 (11) 3826-2228